• Urban Cooling Ltd completed its high resolution offshore studies

    Urban Cooling Ltd completed its high resolution offshore studies

    Urban Cooling Ltd completed its high resolution offshore studies for the Port Louis SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) Project in December 2016.

    Technical studies launched
  • Most effective, economical and sustainable cooling solution

    Most effective, economical and sustainable cooling solution

    Seawater District Cooling is both economical and beneficial for the environment as it operates more efficiently and produces fewer emissions than conventional cooling systems.

    Green Benefits
  • Deep Ocean Water Applications

    Deep Ocean Water Applications

    Deep cold ocean water is a highly-valuable resource that can be used for energy production, cooling, desalination, aquaculture and agriculture.



Mauritius is surrounded by the deep ocean waters of the Indian Ocean, which is high in nutrients and could become a very important energy source and economic pillar for the country.

For an Island State a synergy with the blue ocean is as important as with the green land. “Green” technologies will be complimented and even surpassed by “Blue” technologies as Engineers around the world continue to master the challenges of remote access, winds, tides, currents, pressures and corrosion.

Mauritius is excellently placed to be at the forefront of many of these ocean based developments and inevitably the future for Mauritius as a sustainable country lies in the surrounding blue seas of the Indian Ocean: Deep Ocean Water Applications

First among the new oceanic developments in Mauritius will be the DOWA Port Louis Seawater Air-Conditioning Scheme, which is being promoted and developed by Urban Cooling Ltd.

NEWS UPDATE #4: The Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development has, in December 2017, granted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) License to Urban Cooling Ltd for the DOWA Project.

NEWS UPDATE #3: A study carried out by World Bank in the field of Ocean Economy in Mauritius, reported that Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA) currently holds the greatest potential for the development of the Blue Economy in Mauritius. A copy of the World Bank online report can be downloaded via the following link: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/193931508851670744/pdf/120633-WP-PUBLIC-329p-Mauritius-text-10-20-17-web.pdf

NEWS UPDATE #2: The Technical Offshore Studies for the 23MWc Seawater Air Conditioning Project started in October 2016 and were completed in December 2016. These studies were carried out by a specialised vessel named ''Joseph Plateau''. The data collected from the survey activities has allowed Urban Cooling Ltd to finalise its offshore pipe alignment which has been approved by the Mauritius Ports Authority. This will enable the offshore engineer to complete the final detailed design.

NEWS UPDATE #1: The Deed of Concession for DOWA was signed on 23 Dec '15, view the video highlights below of this landmark event for Mauritius: